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Hello all

this is my first post on the site, and the site looks really good! Really impressed by it all and so glad i've found something like this!

I've brought my first Porsche, its a 914 1971 model 1.7L.
Its had a lot of work done on it in the past, but has been sat since 2001 in a garage as the new owner found badly repaired metal and seriously rusty floor pan. I dont know how this wasn't repaired years ago!! its that bad.

Theres a hole under the passenger seat, its also rotted the sides of the inner sills, and the bulkhead, as well as various other holes such as under the front headlights and battery tray.... to name a bit.

Is it possible to repair the floorpan half and then fabricate new metal etc around it?.. where the best place/panels to buy as well (UK based - but any recomends appreciated). Or am i on 2 a lost cause, and a rookie error purchase... smile.gif

I'll get some pics to add on.

Vacca Rabite
All this stuff can be repaired, and is one of the more common repairs made by the folks on this club.

See Restoration Designs and Auto Atlanta for new metal pans. Also, post up in the "for Sale" section and you might find someone that cut out the parts you need. Cheaper then RD or AA.

If you don't know how to weld, then you are in the same boat I'm in. :-)

I'll be learing... soon.

look up restoration design. they sell alot of sheet metal for these cars...floor board etc...

You might be better off going to a dealer for the sheet metal, once you factor shipping ...but take a look..all the problem areas have sheetmetal replacement parts ready to go.

go here.
restoration design

Get a welder and start practicing.

QUOTE (r_towle @ Dec 12 2005, 11:14 AM)
go here.
restoration design

agree.gif get your floorpan and other parts from RD, everything they don't make, call Rich at HPH as he's got some 50 cut up 914s in his yard right now. any piece of sheetmetal you'll ever need.

Rich Bontempi @ High Performance House
2431 Spring Street
Redwood City, CA 94063
tel.: 650 364-6234

you got a welder, right?
welder.gif Andy

PS: oh, and welcome to the club! smilie_pokal.gif
Chris Pincetich
I too am going through the same issue - but on the driver's side (actually, since you are in the UK, we are both dealing with the left side wink.gif ).

My problems were REALLY discoverd this weekend when I took out the seat, tore off the tar layer, and started stabbing with myt screwdriver. Let's just say I stopped stabbing before it looked like swiss cheese. I'll need new metal for my e-brake mount, seat height adjustment, and cross-tunnel (?), and seat mounts so I think the ONLY way to go is to have it cut out of another car with all these pieces intact - should mean only welding the edges and not all the brackets and mounts.

I wish I had my pics developed, they will be comming soon! I am very proud of the new seat attatchment I made out of pre-bent "L" iron. I made a new sub-frame, bolted it to the seat rail on top and sides, and secured it to the hole in the center of the cross-tunnel. The new sub-frame sits ON TOP of the cross-tunnel and now my seat is 2-3 inches higher than stock resulting in easier in-out for me, better seatbelt alignment on my shoulder, and a more laid back reclined seating position. I'm happy now until it starts raining!

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