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william harris
Well, be careful what you wish for. I have a couple of ideas for possible events. I happen to know that Pat Scalia (? spelling) in Gloucester is the owner of an original 914GT. He's probably open to the idea of a bunch of 914 lunatics drooling all over his car. Anyone in the group know Pat and feel like approaching him with the idea? Also, Mark Allin of Precision Auto Restoration in Newburyport is preparing his 914-6GT for Rennsport Reunion. I know Mark and will inquire as to his desire to host this group. Wish me good luck (this guy is from Gullwing Restorations so he is used to the very high end - expensive restorations). Other ideas?
Unless Patrick Scali bought another GT, he WAS an owner. He sold his green car some year ago. NERPCA hold event's at his shop on occasion. I was thinking of asking Little Foreign Car Garage to open his shop to us on a weekend. Waltham/ Belmont should be pretty easy to get to and he is a hard core 914 racer. This might be a nice place for a 914 Tech session.
william harris
Pat sold his GT. Damn, I did not know that. Hard to figure, but maybe to Pat who has 910, etc., it was just another race car. What might we see at the Little Foreign Car Garage? Sounds interesting.
When I was at Scalli Motorsports last, someone was restoring a factory GT. I was much more impressed with the 911R and 908s.

Skipper Hull (LFCG) races a flaired 914-6 and also has an early 2.0L in the shop. What I saw at his shop last was a Triumph TR3 shell, MGTC, 993 Targa, several 911s, MKII E-Type, Some odd Triumph, a TR6, and a bunch of cars I didn't care about. No, nothing fancy, but as a site for a Tech session and a possable speaker, it could be interesting. At the very least, Skipper could talk about fast 914 set-ups.

Plus, we have some knowledgeable people up in the north who could possably share something with the newbies.

There is also EPE in Framingham, Rensport in Framingham, The Motor in Marblehead, etc. With some hunting around, we should be able to give these sissy Cali-boys a good run. Now about those beer nights and 9:14 meetings???
william harris
happy11.gif I want no part of name calling those California guys. They might be reading this just for the hell of it. I made the mistake of calling them Democrats one time and I got flamed into a crispy critter. Little Foreign Cars sounds very interesting. Who needs an excuse to go look at cars and garages. Thats what I do for recreation. Why don't we poll the NE membership and see whose is up for it and when. I'm still going to talk to Mark Allin and see if he wants to show his car before he takes it to Renn Sport Reunion II. TTYL, William
Had to say that first off.
LFCG is a great idea. He is one of the few places that can truely align a 914 and will actually do it without drying or charging you and arm and a leg.

I would be happy to host something as well if and when its a little warmer...
I have two runners and lots of parts/cars.

I was thinking we should find a good saturday breakfast spot with easy parking and go from there to one shop or another....maybe monthly or whatever..

I vote for something in bedford ma area, close to the highway, yet not the burlington hussle, close enough to most of the vendors in our area...

Hey Dave, great job BTW on the Ice Cream meet.

Did you get most of the emails of people???

If so, could you send out a post to everyone that has a link for this forum to get these meatheads to stop lurking and start speaking up???

william harris
happy11.gif Rich: Didn't you just volunteer to scout out a good breakfast meeting spot. I suggest a larger place like a Dennys or the equivalent (large parking lots & lots of booths). Report back with your finds. TTYL and you know there really is nothing you can do about lurkers. William
william harris
clap56.gif Ok, if we want to go to Mark Allin's Shop (Precision Automotive Restoration) in Newburyport, he is happy to have us after March 10th (getting cars ready for Amelia Island concours at this time). Mark has an almost completely finished, restored 914-6 GT in his shop (his car) and numerous other very high end restorations in house. Mark also has a very nice, unrestored, original 914-6 for sale (also his car). So, those interested let me know and let's talk dates and details.
Start a new thread.

I'll check with the event planner to see what my schedule is.
[quote name='william harris' date='Feb 23 2004, 02:18 PM' post='125183']
happy11.gif I want no part of name calling those California guys. They might be reading this just for the hell of it. I made the mistake of calling them Democrats one time and I got flamed into a crispy critter. Well, the Truth hurts. .we also have a state full of tree hugging folks too. One extreme to the other. .no middle ground. confused24.gif
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