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Update 04/10/2007
Introducing the 914Cup!

The original 914cup was a great success and now it has been revived with a new live interface. Racers from all over the world can now compare times in our 'virtual' autocross series.

Signing up is simple and straight-forward. You'll need to know a few things about your car (engine size, tires, etc), but once you're registered, all you have to do it what you're doing already.


Once you have your results from an autocross, simple come back to the 914cup page and enter a few piece of information. The new results are instantly updated and you can see what your latest event has done to your standings.

click here to get started...

Update 23/12/2006
Dear Friends,

There have obviously been some problems between us. It's even more obvious that we can't throw away the comraderie, and collective soul that is this group of people.

What we (all of us) have is bigger than anything the Internet can provide. Perhaps we didn't handle it with the care and understanding needed to nurture the constituency. This is your club. These are your words.

We’ve learned a great deal in the past 11 days. We've learned to endure the pain of losing friends, we've learned to swallow our pride, we've learned to be wiser and to understand that, sometimes, we need to step back in order to move forward. To that end we've learned that to have a lot we have to compromise a little. We wanted our friends back together.

We have done a lot behind the scenes with one common goal in mind; To bring our friends back together in both element and spirit. We have no intentions of placing demands or excessive rules on you, we just ask that we all come back together and start afresh without any reservations.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
welcome to YOUR community.

same great content ...
same great people ...
breath of fresh air ...

Update 05/10/2005
The 914World Store has opened it's doors!
We have all the Parts, Accessories and Tools to bring your 914 back to it's former glory. Our Store contains new and used Parts that are manufactured by Club-Members as well as Parts from selected Vendors.

Click here to go to the Club Store ... Sorry Folks, no more Store for 914World. After the split, we decided against selling parts here ...

Update 04/27/2005
The WWC (West Coast Classic) 2005 is over. And what a Event it was!
Over 60 Cars and well over 100 Participants met in SoCal for 4 days of pure 914 fun.

Click here to read about it and see pictures ...

Update 12/25/2004
Who'd ever guess we'd grow to be such a success! Not the poor souls who started it 2 years ago, that's for sure...
Come join the party and sign in on the thread below.
It doesn't matter if you've been here since day 1 or if you just registered, everyone's invited!!!
Click here to party...

Update 08/21/2004
For clarity reasons, we changed the term "BBS" (which stands for Bulletin Board System) to the hopefully more understandable term "Forum"
And then just some minor changes, nothing you'd really notice anyway 8^)

Update 08/18/2004
Some additional changes to the site...
We added a dedicated events page
Here you'll find the "events calendar" you're already familiar with, but it also features indepth info on upcoming and past "914 Classic" events
We also made a permanent link to the FAQ in the top navigation bar
Here you'll learn how to get the most out of our BBS. It will help you if you have trouble posting pictures, change your avatar, general BBS settings and more...

Update 07/31/2004
Wow... the news page has been neglected for quite a while. We'll promise to keep it up to date more often...
Anyway, we made quite some changes in the layout. We're currently at version 4, but this time we took it a little further than just a color change
We hope you like it!
Also make sure you check out the 914 Info pages
Yes, we've started a section with tech articles! We're working on adding more for you...

Update 03/04/2003
A new page is added to the 914world.com site: 914 Info
The first basic 914 information is there, more will follow soon...

Update 02/03/2003
Finally the new classified ads are done!
We're sure you'll like them, 'cause they put you in full control over your own ads
And there are quite some 'nifty' features
» Go to the Classifieds...

Update 01/26/2003
Well, we redid the layout of the site...
We hope you like it, cause you'll be stuck with it for a while 8^)

Update 01/04/2003
A direct link to the Events Calendar has been added to the main navigation structure
» Go to the Events Calendar...

Update 12/24/2002
We've added a BBS to the site
Go adhead, have a peek and don't be shy to register and participate!
» Go to the BBS...

Update 12/24/2002
The Bulletin Board is functional!

Update 11/23/2002
New website for 914world.com is launched
Still a lot "under construction" but please come back soon