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entry Oct 23 2014, 07:56 AM
Hmm, it's been quite awhile since I posted anything here. 914 is running great and it's fun to drive but it's time to put in away for the winter as it's raining. Ghia is having it's transmission rebuilt and I have the engine apart to reseal it and put on all the missing parts the POS mechanic left off years ago. Trying to repair the engine shelf rust with new pieces too so the engine will be sealed and the battery won't fall thru.
The Westy is doing great and playing with the AFM trying to squeeze a little more mpg out of it as 13 city sucks....

entry Jun 22 2011, 09:16 AM
Well, I have been back in Seattle since April as we finished up our contract in Suriname. Its been rainy and cold in Seattle so the 914 has finally come out only this last week from storage. Started right up!...I can't go to the WCR in Medford do to all the crap we are catching up on.
The Westy's oil leak is a big problem now so I be trying to fix that before heading out for some camping.
Gotta finish up installing the 914's fog lights that have been sitting on the workbench for a year! piratenanner.gif

entry Jul 10 2010, 05:59 AM
Before leaving to work in Suriname I did finish the Westy repairs. The windshield lip was restored repairing it with a new metal piece, and welding it in. Sounds easy but it was a bitch to do. Repainted it and the whole front nose so its all smooth and new like! Installed a VW symbol instead of the tire rack which I hated...I had found a NOS PPG windshield last year so I installed that too. Of course its not that simple and is a total bitch to do as the bus windshield is curved and doesn't fit without lots of cursing and sweat.

I am heading back in late August planning on getting some camping trips in!! Maybe even a AX if I have time before heading back to Suriname to work.

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entry Feb 12 2010, 08:25 AM
Feb 2010
Lots of news, let's see the 914 got damaged in a parking garage in Dec and got it fixed using parts from my stash. I had the paint and body work done and it turned out nice. The damage was at the right turn signal bucket but was easy to repair. The car developed a horn honking problem when turning the wheel. Ah, the Momo wheel was set too close so it was digging in to the turn signal switch below. Installed a spacer to set the gap correctly. I also replaced the inner steering column works as the aluminum piece inside was cracked making for a loose wheel. New column bearing too so now it is rock steady and turns easy!!
Bought a 1970 Convertable Ghia this summer and have done a ton of work on that. Repaired the rear defrost, heat exchangers, bumpers, interior light, new windshield seal, new dash, new horn wiring, brake warning system wiring, dash lights, fuel gauge, balls joints and tie rods etc. The list is endless but it drives nicely now with heat!

The Westy is undergoing windshield lip replacement and is taking forever to do. Finally got the metal after waiting two months for it to arrive. slowly cutting and fitting it in and welding it in. Not my favorite job. We did use it alot this summer camping and driving around but when the rains came it leaked alot. So I parked it in the garage and pulled the windshield to find several rust spots. I do have a brand new PPG windshield to install as soon as I finish the metal repairs. chair.gif

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entry Nov 9 2007, 09:06 AM
Its now Nov and I had a great time driving aircooled cars all summer! The Westy made for some great camping trips as we had relatives spend 5 weeks with us in July/Aug. We drove the Westy alot and went camping/hiking/sightseeing in it around Washington.
The 914 has been forced into a DD lately as the Westy is now without its tranny and engine. The Westys tranny is in for a rebuild as I can't stand its whine anymore. The 914 makes for a good DD even now as its heater works great. Now to install a CD player back into it.... chair.gif

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entry Feb 12 2007, 10:19 AM
Since August, I have got the Westy running great now and I use it for a DD. The Camper Special runs really strong but have to fix a leaky pushrod tube and the tranny leaks alot! Tuned the AFM with the LM1 and I am playing with the AFR setting it at 14to1 for now. I installed the early HE's and new muffler and WOW heat pours out!!! yea! heat.
Blairs car is sitting awaiting more funds but it does run nicely. The front suspension is shot so driving it is an adventure!

My 914 is stored mostly in the winter but I have some little projects to complete. For one, the heat only comes out of the passenger side so I need to fix that! Put a new accel cable in but its really stiff so that too needs fixing. blink.gif

Bought a 76 complete gauge pod from Mueller that I'll clean up and use sometimes as it will give the car somemore originality. the original was switched out by the PO so this will be nice to have. Also I have located a bunch of EGR parts so those could be remounted to give it the period look after restoring them I'll post pics. smile.gif

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entry Aug 19 2006, 08:48 PM
Finally got the motor installed today with Blair's help. Great fun carrying it across the shop to set it on the jack and then strongarm it in. I'll try to hook up the wires and FI tomorrow. HE's need some work before I install them. mueba.gif

entry Aug 17 2006, 06:01 PM
Been working on rebuilding the Westy 2.0l to a rip snorting Camper Special and its just about ready to go back in.

But first the Westy battery tray location had to be addressed. Whoops, what battery tray as there was only a piece of wood. After much cutting, welding, cleaning, sanding, and painting the Westy has a stock clean battery tray.

Also, I removed the gas tank and installed a new fuel sender as the old one was toast. What a pain in the ass! New fuel hoses are going in everywhere to make sure there is no danger from a fuel line leaking gas from old cracked lines.

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entry Jul 27 2006, 01:24 PM
Been ripping apart a bunch of old MPS's that are in a box. These are what I have noted in the diffences in the Brett Rebuilt units in the diaphram construction and the cover changes between early and late covers.
The problems arise in making a MPS to 2.0L calibrations with a early cover and the late diaphram as there isn't enough space or room left to get enough WOT setting.

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entry Jul 10 2006, 10:08 AM
Some of the car at WCC06. Still needs to be buffed out.

Oh yeah, at the gas station some kid runs up to me as I am filling up and says " WOW, that is the coolest car". made me laugh even though my back was killing me and I was pissed off as I couldn't shift!

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