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entry Jul 8 2009, 10:20 PM
914 14-pin..............................................911 14-pin
to relay board.........................................from engine
1-ignition switch (yellow)........................1-ignition switch (yellow)
2-Alt. Light on dash (blue)......................11-alt. (blue)
5-oil warning light (green/red)................9-oil pressure switch (green/white)

914 #7-signal to tachometer (black/purple). I wired it directly to #C on cd ignition
{yellow wire} from crane xr-700....)

914 #8-power for relays (power from fuse #9, signals ignition on, black) I routed
this one to the front trunk where I've put in a relay board and fuse panelfor my
(relocated) fuel pump, fog and driving lights.

911 #3-oil temp sender (green/black) wired to a wire that was separate from the
914 harness (green/black also, I think) that went to the oil temp guage on the
appearance group harness.

911 #4-oil pressure sender (green/red) wired to a new wire I ran to the appearance
group console.

I wired 914 #3 and #4 directly to the reverse light switch, rather than use #5 and #6
on the 911 14-pin connection, since the PO had cut those off. Here are their

3-reverse light switch (grey/brown) 5-reverse light switch (green/yellow)
4-reverse light switch (grey/brown) 6-reverse light switch (grey/brwn)

I didn't use pins 9-14 on the 914, since I had an alternator with an internal regulator.
Here's what they do:

9-heater blower switch (green/white)
10-ground for relay board (brown)
11-heater blower (green)
12-power from battery, no fuse (red)
13-fuel pump power (from relay on relay board, black-red)
14-power from battery (red)

I also didn't use the following pins on the 911 14-pin harness:
2 (no wire), 7 (no wire), 8 (no wire), 10-realy to fuel pump, warm up regulator,
aux air valve, thermo valve (red/white), 13-heter blower motor (yellow/black), or
14-B+ on alt. (red)

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entry Jan 26 2007, 04:58 PM
Hose diagram.

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entry Aug 2 2006, 07:08 PM
25-30.. for a car as light as ours.

Try 27 all around, take it for a spin.. Front end want to push? try 30 on the rear.. Rear end want to come around on you? try 26 on the rear 29 on the front. Dont go less than 23 or more than 35... for street tires...

Also, take chawk or shoe polish, put it on the tire on the front of the tire, about 2 in from the ground in a line.. drive it.. take some corners hard. See how far the tire rolled (this is what the chawk is for where it rubs off) if you went past the tread, inflate the tire more, if you had lots more tread to go, deflate tire.

Chaulk the edges.

start with 32 F/R go to a parking lot preferable empty. Go fast turn hard. you should be able to scrub the chaulk right down to the little arrows on the side of the tread.
If you go over the arrow add more air to keep side wall stiffer
can't reach the arrows Turn harder or let some air out.

Should by the nature of tires and cornering forces end up with optimal tire pressure front and back more than likely different.

entry Aug 2 2006, 01:39 PM
The oil pressure sender is on the front part of the engine (as it sits in a 914), on the driver's side, plumbed into the cam oil line that runs up and over the timing chain housing. The oil pressure switch is on the top of the engine, next to the breather cover, aft, near the centerline of the case. There are two oil temperature senders, one for the gauge, the other for the FI. The gauge sender is just below the oil pressure sender, forward. The other sender is on the passenger's side timing chain cover.

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entry Feb 23 2006, 01:05 AM
I have a blog! clap56.gif

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