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entry Oct 8 2014, 04:32 PM
Attached Image 901.101.101.02R case half // 10/08/2014
Attached Image 911.107.512.00 piston 901.107.531.00 compression spring 900.123.071.30 gasket 999.064.010.02 screw plug
999.704.172.50 sealing ring 914:101-10 #24 qty:3
999.107.173.50 sealing ring 914:104-00 #2 qty:1
900.123.011.30 sealing ring A 22 x 27 for 900.136.013.02 union A 16 qty:1

oil bypass modification:
911.107.008.01 oil pump 76-> PET 104-00 (911 1977) #(1) 911-911E/
springs, guide, plugs

case, cam housings and cam towers taken to Allied Machine shop for cleaning $100

total engine management system


youtube video SEXY!

11/13/14 dropped off case and 11 through bolts/washers/nuts
12/08/14 stopped by to see progress, none to date, still waiting
01/13/15 project on hold due to CABG surgery
02/20/15 stopped by to check on status, no progress, still waiting
03/24/15 Mulligan CABG
04/17/15 6106641 type 911/07 arrives
05/18/15 stopped by to check on case. It's being worked on.
06/07/15 thanks to Gary, Chris, Rod, mark, mark, rob, Jon, Pete, Porsche friends, music friends. Church friends. My family I love you barb Kate jame Kim precious grandchildren.
07/14/15 Not dead yet, ignore tone of 06/07/15 entry. Removed frequency valve block-off, reinstalled frequency valve

"Four separate oil lines are required to connect the oil tank to the engine."

2.2E p's & c's


shift linkage solution, CV's


machine shop for crankshaft and rods


Mar 10, 2015: 6106641 2.2T not including carbs, distributor, coil, wires. Includes fan and housing, engine shroud, flywheel clutch pressure plate assembly
Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image

engine startup at Tangerine Racing
Attached ImageDIRTY! Apr 21, 2015
Attached Imagealternator connections? need harness

chain tensioner tech article: http://www.pelicanparts.com/techarticles/9...tensioners2.htm

entry Oct 6 2014, 03:01 PM

October 2013

Attached Image Volvo turbo lower air intake
Attached Image Rabbit GTI Mixture control unit 0.438.100.116 installed 12/2014
Attached Image CIS MFI
Attached Image CIS mounting bracket
Attached Image injector mounting
Attached Image installed and mostly connected
Attached Image CIS final installation

August 2014

entry Feb 27 2014, 07:37 AM
2L core engine, longblock, 1 ea
2L heads
2L short block, core, 3 ea
2L case
2L crankshafts
2L rods
9550 camshaft and matching lifters
94mm pistons and cylinders
96mm pistons and cylinders
windage tray with seals
D-Jet AAR, fuel pressure regulator, decel valve, cold start valves
L-Jet AAR, fuel pressure regulator, decel valve, cold start
throttle body
D-Jet 2L intake manifolds, intake air distributors, air cleaners
L-Jet 1.8L ntake manifolds, intake air distributors, air cleaners
engine cooling tin 2L
cooling fan housing +bus
relay boards
seats, black, 4 ea
backpad, black, 73->
door panels black
carpet, brown
center tray w/cushion, brown x2
combo gauge w/oil temp 73, 74, 74-76
oil temp sending unit/taco plate
D-Jet 2L fuel injectors, intake runners, intake air distributor, fuel rails
distributors, L-Jet & D-Jet
D-Jet 1.7 fuel injectors, intake runners, intake air distributor
D-Jet 1.7 oil bath air filter w/stand
D-Jet 1.7 air filter elements, 4 ea
transmissions 4 ea, 1 rebuilt side shift Dr Evil clinic
front hood
engine lid with letters, green
IMSA front fiberglass bumper
fiberglass front bumper GT
fiberglass front valance for flaired fenders
gas tank with expansion tank x2, +1 expansion tank
stainless steel heat exchangers, 2L
brake fluid reservoir
front struts
glass, door and vent, rear
lighting, front. rear, turn, fog, housings and lenses
heating system ducts
aftermarket steering wheel x2 with mounting hubs
4 bolt Fuchs with lug bolts
5 bolt Fuchs 6x16 x4 1 pair with RA-1's for 911SC/Carrera
5 bolt Fuchs 7x16 x2
5 bolt Fuchs 6x15 with Hoosier slick
5 bolt Fuchs 6x15 x2
911SC front spoiler

'69T 2.0L engine (see 6192376 blog)
'70T 2.2L engine 6106641
914-6 oil cooler
914-6 engine sheet metal
914-6 oil tank
Patrick oil tank
914-6 oil lines
914-6 throttle linkage kit
914-6 flywheels, clutch disc, pressure plate, throw out bearing
cooling fans and alternators
911 engine shrouds; black, orange and red
quick 6 engine mount bar
2.2 heads, set
2.2T pistons and cylinders, refurbished/honed
carrera chain tensioner kit

entry Oct 29 2012, 06:58 AM
Attached Image4722908442
Attached Image4742916204
Attached Image4742916100
Attached Image4752902587
Attached Image4742914806
Attached Image9140431060
Attached Image4732923037
Attached Image4732908431
Attached Image4742917960
Attached Image4722914273
Attached Image4752906709
Attached Image4712902991
Attached Image4732922783
Attached Image4732916957
Attached Image4732911405
Attached Image4752908764
Attached Image4742914193
Attached Image4742905579
Attached Image4752903276
Attached Image4732915107
Attached Image4732900480
Attached Image4732916835
Attached Image4722920304
Attached Image4762900167
Attached Image4732911886
Attached Image9140430924
Attached Image4732914204
Attached Image4752903706
Attached Image4732907478
Attached Image4742920316
Attached Image4732902935
Attached Image4712911128
Attached Image4732900082
Attached Image4742912453
Attached Image4742901028
Attached Image4722906886
Attached Image4762901019
Attached Image4722901145
Attached Image4722904934
Attached Image4712901408
Attached Image4712912301
Attached Image4742906502
Attached Image4722919931
Attached Image4722908372
Attached Image4762903369
Attached Image4752909570
Attached Image4722904700
Attached Image4732905450
Attached Image4742900349
Attached Image4742912007
Attached Image4712914484
Attached Image4722916593
Attached Image4732906786
Attached Image4732928849
Attached Image4742906454
Attached Image4732913359
Attached Image4712911168
Attached Image4722909587
Attached Image4732907568
Attached Image4742920315
Attached Image4752905793
Attached Image4712909271
Attached Image4752900459
Attached Image4732919729
Attached Image4732900863
Attached Image4752902210
Attached Image4722919325
Attached Image4722915888
Attached Image4752903239
Attached Image9140432343
Attached Image4742902167
Attached Image4732907668
Attached Image4742910756
Attached Image4732927376
Attached Image4732902657
Attached Image4742906558
Attached Image4742908335
Attached Image4722914406
Attached Image4732908077
Attached Image4722900729
Attached Image4732912551
Attached Image4722918198
Attached Image4702907714
Attached Image4742902166
Attached Image4712903599
Attached Image9140432125
Attached Image4712902071
Attached Image4702906348
Attached Image4742913195
Attached Image4732909965
Attached Image4712913008
Attached Image4742915681
Attached Image4752907351
Attached Image4742911104
Attached Image4702906614
Attached Image4752904697
Attached Image4762900480
Attached Image4742914946
Attached Image4742910471
Attached Image4762903082
Attached Image4722904981
Attached Image4742920619
Attached Image4702903009
Attached Image4702908105
Attached Image4732905843
Attached Image4732922679
Attached Image4712909597
Attached Image4712908557
Attached Image4732925737
Attached Image4752907703
Attached Image4732900027
Attached Image4752903066
Attached Image4732907536
Attached Image4722915227
Attached Image4722919330
Attached Image4742905887
Attached Image4722912135
Attached Image4722908324
Attached Image4712904860
Attached Image4752905543
Attached Image4722910776
Attached Image4732920588
Attached Image4752911075
Attached Image4752905031
Attached Image4732917070
Attached Image4752909774
Attached Image4752904418
Attached Image4752900604
Attached Image4732901762
Attached Image4722901227
Attached Image4752909962
Attached Image4722903245
Attached Image4722902881
Attached Image4742907774
Attached Image4732906567
Attached Image4722912246
Attached Image4732922809
Attached Image4712916006
Attached Image4762902740
Attached Image4722915829
Attached Image4702910169
Attached Image4722908819
Attached Image4762900375
Attached Image4712914045
Attached Image4732915540
Attached Image9140430337
Attached Image4752902740
Attached Image4732906251
Attached Image4732917492
Attached Image4732906769
Attached Image4732916417
Attached Image4722908345
Attached Image4732926468
Attached Image4752905446
Attached Image4762902802
Attached Image4752906619
Attached Image4742914851
Attached Image4722908734
Attached Image4742910358
Attached Image4702913262
Attached Image4712907450
Attached Image4722907358
Attached Image4722920080
Attached Image4732901964
Attached Image4732908718
Attached Image4742910271
Attached Image4702910337
Attached Image4712914457
Attached Image4712905309
Attached Image4722920510
Attached Image4712905995
Attached Image4722909335
Attached Image4732900230
Attached Image4752903730
Attached Image9140430106
Attached Image4752905674
Attached Image4752905802
Attached Image4702908807
Attached Image4712914668
Attached Image4732918890
Attached Image4732919833
Attached Image4742907380
Attached Image4712901302
Attached Image4742917971
Attached Image4732910696
Attached Image4752900870
Attached Image4722919131
Attached Image4742908021
Attached Image4742902427
Attached Image4762903848
Attached Image4742906279
Attached Image4752908229
Attached Image4722904861
Attached Image4722901158
Attached Image4762902618
Attached Image4732907472
Attached Image4732914284
Attached Image4732909524
Attached Image4752903195
Attached Image4762900264
Attached Image4742918438
Attached Image4752904636
Attached Image4732917275
Attached Image4742915028
Attached Image4702910268
Attached Image4732903950
Attached Image4712905260
Attached Image4742908396
Attached Image4762903286
Attached Image4732911485
Attached Image4732911534
Attached Image4722919808
Attached Image4752908465
Attached Image4712904585
Attached Image4702910202
Attached Image4752907269
Attached Image4752910154
Attached Image4732913452
Attached Image9140430535
Attached Image4742916858
Attached Image4752901838
Attached Image4752909998
Attached Image4722920309
Attached Image4762902435
Attached Image4712914976
Attached Image4742917388
Attached Image4752907843
Attached Image4722902606
Attached Image4742910378
Attached Image4762903014
Attached Image4742906291
Attached Image4732901638
Attached Image4752907256
Attached Image4722921031
Attached Image4742920942
Attached Image4752908270
Attached Image4712908363
Attached Image4732906218
Attached Image4742905274
Attached Image4722904958
Attached Image4702902408
Attached Image4762902738
Attached Image4752902187
Attached Image4722902851
Attached Image4732926052
Attached Image4752907007
Attached Image4712903596
Attached Image4732919490
Attached Image4742918807
Attached Image4752907236
Attached Image4722916102
Attached Image4762903202
Attached Image4742915443
Attached Image4722907370
Attached Image4732911299
Attached Image4712915397
Attached Image4742910279
Attached Image4752910722
Attached Image4742917074
Attached Image4742917074 VIN label
Attached Image4732913630
Attached Image4702910232
Attached Image4752906820
Attached Image4732913484
Attached Image4712900844
Attached Image4742915580
Attached Image4762902579
Attached Image4732901859
Attached Image4742904012
Attached Image4752910894
Attached Image4712906341
Attached Image9140432441
Attached Image4742915084
Attached Image4712907074
Attached Image4742904059
Attached Image4742903567
Attached Image4752909684
Attached Image4742911348
Attached Image4752905738
Attached Image4762901112
Attached Image4752908726
Attached Image4762902470
Attached Image9140430631
Attached Image4742919611
Attached Image4752902739
Attached Image4712910182
Attached Image4712904002
Attached Image4722913599
Attached Image4752909569
Attached Image4742910428
Attached Image4732920856
Attached Image4762900718
Attached Image4732920517
Attached Image4762903017
Attached Image9140430993
Attached Image4742917028
Attached Image4732917618
Attached Image4752901546
Attached Image4752900316
Attached Image4702909388
Attached Image4732924483
Attached Image4712915231
Attached Image4762901390
Attached Image4722917704
Attached Image4722911416
Attached Image9140430933
Attached Image4732904282
Attached Image4752903163
Attached Image4722905191
Attached Image4712914238
Attached Image4712900306
Attached Image4712905288
Attached Image4732914779
Attached Image4752907376
Attached Image9140431066
Attached Image4752901057
Attached Image4732922439
Attached Image4702913159
Attached Image4722916259
Attached Image4722919950
Attached Image4742918903
Attached Image4762903994
Attached Image4742906721
Attached Image4762900777
Attached Image4742901405
Attached Image4732917979
Attached Image4752904737
Attached Image4732919437
Attached Image4742913297
Attached Image4752905491
Attached Image4722912044
Attached Image4752907018
Attached Image9140431733
Attached Image4752908531
Attached Image4732916227
Attached Image4722920000
Attached Image4742918922
Attached Image4752908028
Attached Image4712903145
Attached Image4722903684
Attached Image4732900441
Attached Image4762902263
Attached Image4702907013
Attached Image4762900945
Attached Image4742905606
Attached Image9140430136
Attached Image4742911909
Attached Image4732916622
Attached Image4732919947
Attached Image4732922036
Attached Image4732923584
Attached Image4732909067
Attached Image4722906864
Attached Image4742906122
Attached Image4742921198
Attached Image4742916640
Attached Image4742915388
Attached Image4762900708
Attached Image4742915093
Attached Image4732910873
Attached Image4742906996
Attached Image4722918714
Attached Image9140432130
Attached Image4702901280
Attached Image4722917576
Attached Image4742905499
Attached Image4732923765
Attached Image4752905637
Attached Image4722915353
Attached Image4712908089
Attached Image9141430092
Attached Image4702910489
Attached Image4742903753
Attached Image4752901534
Attached Image4752909738
Attached Image4752901534
Attached Image4712904813
Attached Image4712910351
Attached Image4722921351
Attached Image4722902698
Attached Image4752909016
Attached Image4752910252
Attached Image4752909440
Attached Image9140431714
Attached Image4742920600
Attached Image4732904592
Attached Image4732904326
Attached Image4722900029
Attached Image4762901937
Attached Image4762900435
Attached Image4722911703
Attached Image4732915048
Attached Image4752909256
Attached Image9141430333
Attached Image4732923901
Attached Image4732917775
Attached Image4742912784
Attached Image4752909436
Attached Image4742913145
Attached Image9140431644
Attached Image4752904361
Attached Image4712935288
Attached Image
Attached Image4742919166
Attached Image4732908710
Attached Image4752905909
Attached Image4712905501
Attached Image4722919982
Attached Image4762902947
Attached Image4742913104
Attached Image4752905392
Attached Image4722919688
Attached Image4732916037
Attached Image4722912127
Attached Image4752902845
Attached Image4742909442
Attached Image4742914074
Attached Image9140432576
Attached Image9140432653
Attached Image4742914860
Attached Image4742910431
Attached Image4732927510
Attached Image4762907550
Attached Image4702905575
Attached Image4762903304
Attached Image4702902052
Attached Image4722910821
Attached Image4722916649
Attached Image4722917278
Attached Image4742908051
Attached Image4732911288
Attached Image4732921149
Attached Image9141430210
Attached Image4732907825
Attached Image4732919866
Attached Image4762900936
Attached Image4752908132
Attached Image4762901552
Attached Image4742905325
Attached Image4732913851
Attached Image4722901652
Attached Image9140430097
Attached Image4742906341
Attached Image4722920542
Attached Image4762903489
Attached Image4722915252
Attached Image4762901688
Attached Image4732907728
Attached Image4742903180
Attached Image4732923644
Attached Image4732910924
Attached Image4702910532
Attached Image4742918690
Attached Image4742908267
Attached Image4722905003
Attached Image4702905107
Attached Image4722910989
Attached Image4722913272
Attached Image4742914309
Attached Image4732904884
Attached Image4732909549
Attached Image4732917912
Attached Image4762901353
Attached Image4752905212

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Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image

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Attached Image

entry Jul 26 2011, 06:46 AM
Attached Image4762900991
Attached Image4762900593
Attached Image4742920168
Attached Image4722911560
Attached Image4732926419
Attached Image4732907018
Attached Image4742908872
Attached Image4762903149
Attached Image4722918565
Attached Image4752900612
Attached Image4762900572
Attached Image4752900322
Attached Image4742905364
Attached Image4732926288
Attached Image4752901604
Attached Image4742919478
Attached Image4722920031
Attached Image4762902303
Attached Image4752910151
Attached Image4722916036
Attached Image4742906080
Attached Image4722919655
Attached Image4702907621
Attached Image4752907829
Attached Image4702907243
Attached Image4742905072
Attached Image4752905805
Attached Image4722904735
Attached Image4742920795
Attached Image4712901472
Attached Image4702907183
Attached Image4702912810
Attached Image4732925935
Attached Image4702904923
Attached Image4742913766
Attached Image4732919112
Attached Image4762901164
Attached Image4712904978
Attached Image9140430593
Attached Image4752901568
Attached Image4712911340
Attached Image4722903376
Attached Image4722916256
Attached Image4732906200
Attached Image4742907729
Attached Image4762902082
Attached Image4742914934
Attached Image4732906581
Attached Image4752908226
Attached Image4712900544
Attached Image4722909395
Attached Image4752904701
Attached Image4742917024
Attached Image4702907812
Attached Image4752903454
Attached Image4742915589
Attached Image4742907048
Attached Image4752908868
Attached Image9140432604
Attached Image4742912306
Attached Image9140431906
Attached Image4752903892
Attached Image4742902640
Attached Image4732924010
Attached Image4712904881
Attached Image4752905329
Attached Image4742917991
Attached Image4752906971
Attached Image4752909457
Attached Image9140432101
Attached Image9140432164
Attached Image4732921414
Attached Image4732926523
Attached Image4732910753
Attached Image4742904493
Attached Image4732927390
Attached Image4732907007
Attached Image4722911746
Attached Image4742907747
Attached Image4742908241
Attached Image4722913250
Attached Image4722910162
Attached Image4712901056
Attached Image4712903391
Attached Image4712909293
Attached Image4742901922
Attached Image4742918501
Attached Image4752904997
Attached Image4752905961
Attached Image4742910981
Attached Image4732911735
Attached Image4732909318
Attached Image4752904769
Attached Image4702905858
Attached Image9140432368
Attached Image4732903610
Attached Image4732913003
Attached Image4752903819
Attached Image4702907044
Attached Image4732925632
Attached Image4722909917
Attached Image4732924373
Attached Image4752903304
Attached Image4722916060
Attached Image4752903640
Attached Image4742902074
Attached Image4742905269
Attached Image4752907210
Attached Image4722917176
Attached Image4742906226
Attached Image4732908156
Attached Image4752905505

entry Jul 20 2011, 07:59 AM
Attached Image4732901096
Attached Image4752901196
Attached Image4722913017
Attached Image4742912860
Attached Image4732918134
Attached Image4752908666
Attached Image4752902465
Attached Image4732909649
Attached Image4742915616
Attached Image4722920874
Attached Image4762900574
Attached Image4752911104
Attached Image4762902797
Attached Image4732923272
Attached Image4732905121
Attached Image9140432116
Attached Image9140432586
Attached Image4742900154
Attached Image4732922472
Attached Image4702911598

entry Jul 11 2011, 07:22 AM
Attached Image4712901273
Attached Image4712909737
4722918175 - no pic
Attached Image4722918553
Attached Image4722919128
Attached Image4722919369
Attached Image4732900349
Attached Image4732902846
Attached Image4732915205
4732918221 - no pic
Attached Image4732919706
Attached Image4732925328
Attached Image4742900032
4752904180 - no pic
Attached Image4742914974

entry Jun 20 2011, 07:19 AM

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entry Jun 12 2011, 04:33 PM
Attached Image4732900594
Attached Image4752901103
Attached Image4762901552

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