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 | Category: Subaru Conversion
entry Apr 1 2013, 02:02 AM
Check out Brody's latest creation!!
A dyno that he connects fully prepared engines, radiator, computer, etc up to fully test before shipping off to clients for install or installs himself.
Check out the youtube video below:


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 | Category: Subaru Conversion
entry Apr 1 2013, 01:43 AM
Finally installed the under-dash heater and AC this summer. Finished it during a crazy hot week here in Fresno, CA where the temps reached 108!! It worked better than the AC in my suv. Very cold didn't even phase the power of the Subi motor when it would click on.
We used an under-dash unit from Renegade Hybrids. New AC compressor, condensor and dryer were added, along with AC and heating hoses. A little flip of a lever under the front trunk and hot water is allowed (or stopped) from the heater core. System works better than the original by far.

Click here for Youtube video:


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 | Category: Subaru Conversion
entry Dec 4 2010, 01:02 PM
Finished conversion of this stock looking Subi conversion.
A real sleeper!

Check out my mechanic's new website for more info:


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 | Category: Subaru Conversion
entry Mar 8 2010, 05:33 PM
Sheet metal in front of the radiator has been installed. Also notice the wheel well cutouts. We didn't want to leave them totally open so we created these aluminum shield covers custom designed and fit.
We also installed a piece of sheet metal under front of radiator not pictured.
Interior is finished and I'll have pictures done of that as well, soon.

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 | Category: Subaru Conversion
entry Feb 8 2010, 09:20 AM
We finally did it! The conversion is mechanically complete and we had her running this weekend. A few things like putting in the Dynamat and the new interior and we'll be done, done.
Wow, I had no idea how trippling the horsepower would feel. For those of you that think hauling 'all that water around' in the radiator and piping makes any difference, think again. The car went from 80 hp to 240 hp, so 20 lbs of water and pipe can't even be felt.
This thing flies like a 'bat out of hell', it really does. It pulls very hard in all gears.
Watch the video below and you'll see what I mean. I will weigh the car soon and I believe it will the same as original. The motor is actually a little lighter than the stock 1.8.
And it is a very reliable motor, doesn't leak oil, doesn't need valve adjustments, etc, etc. Timing belt every 60k and that's about it.
I love my 914 and am keeping the exterior looking completely stock but I was very tired of all the headaches. Same reason I only use Mac computers. I am not a mechanic and don't want to tech support my computer either.


 | Category: Subaru Conversion
entry Jan 26 2010, 09:11 AM
Final photo of finished engine.
Notice a few details;
On the left side is the custom piping for attaching the turbo.
Also, the aluminum canister in the back is where we fill the radiator so everything we need to check is accessible from the same side, in the engine bay. On the right side is the custom pipe made from tailpipe for intake air with filter.
Finishing cooling system this weekend and we'll be ready to go.
Look for links to Youtube videos very soon.

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 | Category: Subaru Conversion
entry Jan 17 2010, 06:37 PM
Oh yeah I'm excited! It's looking amazing!
When given the choice (and there are always many choices) we are choosing to do everything the best way we know how. All hard connectors, no hose clamps, etc. A few more evenings of work and we'll be driving her.
Brody has done a very sanitary job and I would be happy to recommend him to anyone that wants to convert a 914.
Notice the custom carriage he made. Also, you'll see the standard cross member support has simply been turned upside down so it hangs down lover than the case of the Subaru motor. Very smart and simple application.
Radiator and the balance of the plumbing goes in over the next week or so and we'll be firing her up.
Rather than using flexi rubber hose, Brody has created straight pipes to and from the radiator (not in yet) that follow the grooves on the underside and will have braded flex at each end. More pictures next week.

Also, just found out my dark blue basket-weave seats are complete and will be picked up tomorrow.

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 | Category: Subaru Conversion
entry Jan 12 2010, 08:10 PM
Engine finally installed!
Actually, it has all gone fairly quickly. I am on vacation so I wasn't there at the time but I have attached a photo of the motor put together.
More pictures to follow....
It should be completely running by the end of the month.
Check it out!
Somehow I picked the most amazing mechanic to run with the project. He is completely meticulous and building a project to last.
More later.....

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 | Category: Subaru Conversion
entry Dec 23 2009, 04:51 PM
Okay, now where was I....
A lot more rust than I had originally thought. Chopped and patched last night.
More undercoater tonight and it's time to start putting the engine back together.
Happy Holidays!

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 | Category: Subaru Conversion
entry Dec 21 2009, 06:41 PM
Best laid plans of mice and men!
I'm getting impatient but we had to take a big time out for rust repair. The hell hole of course was an issue. Nothing a little plasma cutter and a grinding wheel won't take care of.
I bought a new stand and battery tray for some of the repair, but then we pulled out the interior and noticed some really bad spots behind the seats. Seems like a strange place for rust but I think there was an opening in the noise deadener (engine side) that let water in, which ponded and caused the problem. Triangle cut outs were solid rust.
Oh well, now with the holidays upon us it will be another two weeks before the engine goes in.
Giving me time to get my seats reupholstered.
More later,
thanks for watching.

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