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 | Category: Subaru Conversion
entry Dec 21 2009, 06:41 PM
Best laid plans of mice and men!
I'm getting impatient but we had to take a big time out for rust repair. The hell hole of course was an issue. Nothing a little plasma cutter and a grinding wheel won't take care of.
I bought a new stand and battery tray for some of the repair, but then we pulled out the interior and noticed some really bad spots behind the seats. Seems like a strange place for rust but I think there was an opening in the noise deadener (engine side) that let water in, which ponded and caused the problem. Triangle cut outs were solid rust.
Oh well, now with the holidays upon us it will be another two weeks before the engine goes in.
Giving me time to get my seats reupholstered.
More later,
thanks for watching.

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