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 | Category: Subaru Conversion
entry Jan 17 2010, 06:37 PM
Oh yeah I'm excited! It's looking amazing!
When given the choice (and there are always many choices) we are choosing to do everything the best way we know how. All hard connectors, no hose clamps, etc. A few more evenings of work and we'll be driving her.
Brody has done a very sanitary job and I would be happy to recommend him to anyone that wants to convert a 914.
Notice the custom carriage he made. Also, you'll see the standard cross member support has simply been turned upside down so it hangs down lover than the case of the Subaru motor. Very smart and simple application.
Radiator and the balance of the plumbing goes in over the next week or so and we'll be firing her up.
Rather than using flexi rubber hose, Brody has created straight pipes to and from the radiator (not in yet) that follow the grooves on the underside and will have braded flex at each end. More pictures next week.

Also, just found out my dark blue basket-weave seats are complete and will be picked up tomorrow.

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