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entry Aug 4 2010, 11:50 AM
Steel fenders must go. I have installed the front flared 1/4 panels and they will look good. Stock wheels look a bit small now. The rear 1/4 panels are not on yet. I may need professional help, the front was more than I thought it would be. Rear 1/4s come in at just four pounds...not bad. I have a set of custom glass rockers that came with the bumpers, but I think I want to modify a set of raised letter rockers to fit. They will need to be shortened to blend with the heavily flared rear fenders.

entry Aug 4 2010, 11:44 AM
Bumpers. Who needs them. The Great Jenny Craig 914 weight reduction program is hot to go. I do things slowly. I have a brain injury from military service so I spend a great deal of time thinking about it before I actually DO something to my 914.
So... I got a "heavy weight" with the obligatory one half tank of fuel. Why 1/2 a tank?? Why not full or empty?? Anyway it came out at 2100lbs on the mark. Factory dry weight is 2137.8lbs. The stock bumpers fore and aft are off. I have a very nice set of replacements in fiberglass, custom made for a 914 by a club member. This will be a nice weight drop.

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great rubber but a bit of a bite on the corner. I wanted to trim it and fill in with a small piece of balsa to complete it.

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The back bumper looks great. Both are wrapped up and in storage.

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