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> My vintage race project, yes... my first pictures are included
post Nov 1 2004, 07:08 PM
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914 Wizard

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Where to start....

We'll, I know there has been a lot of talk about this car but no pictures previously...

thanks to all the helpful advice I finally got my first camera, and thanks to some tech support from members of this group I think I finally figured out how to use it also...

First off in this thread, I wanted to recognize someone...
I want to recognize my father.
the "project" below is largely the results of his efforts and hard work... Its been a ton of hard work and it wouldn't be possible without him... He doesn't hear it enough from me, but I really appreciate him and what he has done for me.

Now for the pics...
the first one is a PPI picture from the seller when I bought it around 3 years ago. We got it running and drove it for 3 months before starting the demolition almost 2 years ago:
(drum roll please for my first ever pic)

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post Nov 2 2004, 12:06 PM
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914 Wizard

Group: Members
Posts: 10,337
Joined: 30-December 02
From: Colorado
Member No.: 47
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Couple more pictures.

I don't think I mentioned earlier. The car is in my fathers garage 4hours away. I try to make 1-2 weekend trips each month with an 8 hour driving time. We work on the car on saturday's and half of sunday before I drive home.

This makes it a bit difficult to speed up the process too much. Also makes it kinda difficult for me to easily get more pictures now that I have a camera.

Hopefully I'll be down there once in november and can get a bit more done. Goal is to have it running in time for april events in colorado. We are really jonesing to do some driving as we decommissioned our -4cylinder race car after the 2002 season in order to steal and sell all of the race parts from that chassis.

That car is a 1974, and since the local vintage association only allows 1972 or earlier we had to start over from scratch.

anyways here is a roll bar picture. We stole this cage out of the 4cylinder race car. It is (or was) a safety devices cage. AJ put some extra bars into it for us, so it is no longer a bolt in. Our rules only allow so many body points, and no suspension points, and no passing through other panels.

I particularly like the dash bar. A friend of mine out here busted his knee in a small shunt in his 67S 911 when he hit the below dash brace. We wanted something higher, so here is the AJ solution. I did all of the welding on the car except for these extra braces. (figured I didn't want to really test my skills in such an important way)

you can also see one of the oil lines running forward:

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