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> Euro Turn Signal Conversion $200.00 shipped
Martin Baker
post May 20 2013, 08:44 PM
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Pardon me John, coming through!

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To make it a little more clear, current prices for my conversions.

Ready to Install, complete pair of signal housings, shipped. $250.00

Ship me yours, I convert/restore, returned shipped with new bulbs, $200.00

DIY refractor with a new bulbs, shipped, $100.00

They have a new technique I tried, the refactors in these are polished to a very shiny reflective finish, and its looks great. ALL the others I made before these had painted refactors, which did not reflect like this! It did however, add some time to complete a set. Units are restored, include four new bulbs, two 1157 and two type 89, modified to plug right into your 914 or 914/6. NO MODIFICATION to the car or its wiring harness. They function exactly as a Euro car does, the lower, clear lens portion serves as Park/Running/City Light, Amber Section Signals intention.

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