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The only real problem I had with this car was the asking price. Most if not all 914 owners would love to be driving this '76 around and wrenching away on the weekends, but for about 3K less than what the current owner is asking.

I'm sure if the current owner does some investigation on current prices; even on Ebay or searching the websites for comparable cars, he'll realize the 10K+ is just not reasonable for a car with as many flaws as it has.

I think this would be a good buy for the buyer at 6K...or a great sell for the seller at 7K.
I'll start with the good:

The lines of the car were great. Nice and straight.

Passenger side
sail clip replaced, holes for bottom chrome filled:
driver's side lines:
driver's side sail also replaced:
both front and rear lids opened and closed nicely:
all rust was repaired in the trunk:
he mentioned the longs were replaced; the door gaps look good:
he also mentioned the both buckets were replaced. They look fine, no other signs of major repair:
the front bumper guard looks a little weathered, could just use a little TLC and the gas tank area is pictured:
the nicest thing I could point out in the interior is the console, looks great and in working condition:
...maybe one more nice thing...the taga seal is in good shape. But also in the picture is the dash. I've never seen one of these dash cover ups, but it's certainly a strange and cheap feeling fix. You can't tell from the pic, but it's flaping around (needs to be glued)...but looks good for a few feet away. And the vinyl forward of the pad is dry and weathered.
the steering wheel felt like a dead also had some other issues. The "column" had verticle movement. Not just quarter of an inch, this thing was moving up and down!
again...for the price, there was too many imperfections:
paint cracks
tears in the rubber:
faulty seals:
The engine bay's on these '76 amaze me....10 pounds of poop in a 5 pound bag. Really makes it tough to see what's going on.

Over the past 2 years checking out cars for buyers (PPIs), I've seen some nice engine bays and some that do not warrent a 10K price tag.

passenger side hell hole. Seemed solid
I couldn't get to the driver's side hell hole cause of all the smog stuff in the way...but here's the best I could do. I'm pretty sure I believe him when he said all was repaired:
not the worst engine bay I've seen, but too much rust on the plenum, engine shelf, etc. for the asking price.
just some misc. stuff:
no sway bars
steel wheels
fog lamps and all other lights functional
after market mirrors
cracks in the bolster pad

floor pans solid
pedal cluster clean
longs solid
rocker panels have seen better days. many imperfections
rear suspension mounting points good
a-arm mounting points good
front trunk floor good
seat mounting point (couldn't move seats well enough) but all seemed well
interior firewall solid
targa top good

body paint gets a 6 outa 10
lenses are 8 outa 10
seats are bad, 2 outa 10
seat belts need work or replacement
locks are keyed different from ignition key
sound system did not impress me
tires are 5 outa 10
NO oil leaks (had him open the garage, nice and clean)

new heat exchangers
new injectors (his word)

cold started fine
transmission worked great
idled fine
drove or tracked fine
steer wheel kind of funked up...not sure what was going on with that!!
brakes nicely, did whistle a bit...pads...rotors...etc....
handbrake functional

I was little impressed with the power...I'm usually more excited when driving any 914.

I covered most, post any questions if you have them.
Some background:

Ray did this inspection for me, I found this car in Panorama (PCA club monthly publication).

Seller is the original owner and has all the docs from new, and did the resto at the same shop that's maintained the car his whole life.

Car has been garaged ever since the resto.

He had the car resprayed a few years back the original black color, but it was a Maaco $1500 job.

Asking price was 10.5k.
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