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Car was garaged consistently from 1971 to 2006 and was never run in Winter. Since 2006, it has been under an oversize heavy duty cover. Car was professionally undercoated in 1971 (Ziebart).

Interior: Clean with no signs of wear.
Exterior (body) - Very nice condition; only minor rust issues.

Includes original jack, spare tire tools, foot rest, owners's manual, maintenance record, and radio (original radio was not working and I replaced it (but saved it)). Tires are like new.

Known issues:
Not running due to a broken fuel pump (no typical fuel pump hum indicates it is broken) - will need to be towed. Engine was running fine just a year ago.
Stuck handbrake (frozen rear calipers)
Speedometer not working (was run approx 50 miles without the working speedo). Speedo was refurbished in 2004, so cable is likely culprit, not the speedo itself.
One missing hubcap
Some rust in engine compartment near battery (typical for 914s).

Potential issues:
Evidence of some longitudinal rust on drivers's side; buyer will need to remove the rocker panels to gauge extent. I am told this is a very typical problem with 914s. However, given that the car has been garaged most of it's life, I am guessing that longitudinal rusting occurred only within the past six or so years, and may not be so extensive as to require major repair.

I am not selling as a parts car. The very low mileage, color, and general appearance of this 914 create value that many other 914s do not have.