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What is your current price, shipped to US? I'm no FI expert, but I've replaced my fair share of trigger points that had worn blocks and good points. Great idea Norbert!
I would like one also please
the freight rates have rised, therefore I need 22 USD (or 18.- Euro) in full for the tool, <shipment to EC is cheaper>.

I will send a message with additional info to you, @IronHillRestorations , @yellowporky

I'd be interested in one too. Please.
I'm (MiddleMotors) am in for one too ..........
I would like to buy one also...Thanks !!
Need one too @nordfisch cheer.gif
Count me in too, please, thanks!
If the tools are now again available, I will take one too!
I would also like to buy one of your tools. Please PM your PayPal info.
Hi guys,
I have to tell you there have been problems in the shipment of the tool recently.
Some tools didn't arrive within two month, one more than two months.

When I shipped those tools, the information was 'shipment will last about one month during corona', now I found the following information <translated to English>:


Please note that the shipping of DHL parcels and parcels to the USA is currently subject to exceptionally long transit times and to considerable delays relating to import customs clearance in the USA. This applies not only to shipments transported by sea, but to a lesser extent also to shipments with the Premium service.

The US Post Office (USPS) is currently unable to offer the usual quality of accepting and forwarding international shipments, nor can it provide us with reliable tracking information. We ask for a little patience until the backlog in the USA has been processed and the usual quality has been restored.

I sent the tools out no later than the day after I received money from you - Please tell me problems or give me information how long the shipment lasted.
Has been between 8 days and 5 weeks in the past...

I must beg you to wait for the tool arriving. I sent one out a second time but don't know it has been successsfully delivered up to this time.
The shipment is the most expensive part of the deal - more expensive than the tool itself.

Please don't order tools before the situation is stabilized.

Best Regards
Norbert smilie_flagge6.gif smilie_wirdgut.gif
Once again...

I just received a message a tool I shipped 18 November to Fort Worth, TX arrived 3 March.

Best Regards

Hi Nordfish,
I would like to buy one of those tools for Mercedes m117 (8cyl)
Or I’d be happy to pay you for the technical data to manufacture one for myself.
Please let me know if one of those options are possible.
Best regards, Nick
Hello M.R. Nordfish.
I found out your special tool for adjust D jetronic triggers.
Can i buy one from you?
I have some different cars provided with D jetronic (Mercedes /8, citroen Ds) and this would help me. I don t know if you produce this tool any more and i don t know costs.
Thank you very much, Angel.
Facebook: Angel Ross, Italy
Ok, WTH is this thread?
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