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The tire thread got me rethinking my plan....

I've got a mostly stock 72 2.0FI. All my 4 lug wheels are aftermarket & VW offset, and I've been scoring cheap cookies off the 944s dying at the Pic-a-part, which convinced me to buy a 911sc susp, and because my other teener is 5 lug, I thought I could buy 1 set of stickies and use on both cars.

But then I read that I'm stuck with 5.5" wheels. Is that a hard line or can I slide by with 7" or 6" cookies? Local not national. Running in Prepared just lines me up for a monthly asskicking by the more serious drivers.
Will the 911 susp bump me up anyways or is that considered stock -6?

I know if I'm at the back of the pack I'm going to spend money I shouldn't....

What do you guys think is a reasonable plan confused24.gif
Look and see if your SCCA region has a HCR or HCS class. They are Historic Class Race & Historic Class Street. Also I thought since your car is over 25yrs old (or is it 30) that you are automatically put in a prepared class?

I need to read up on the rules again. I run my 73 with a 2.7 /4 steel flared 911 suspension in HCR against other "older" race cars.
I would imagine that running locally, no one will care till you start winning wink.gif

But yes, rulebooks must be read. HCR class would be nice, so ask.. if not, get ready to get run over by the big dogs.
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