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Hello my name is Angus. I run Greatworth Classics over here in the UK. We are a classic VW & Porsche garage & restoration specialists.

We just picked up a 914-4 project car. Its a very early 2.0 built in September 1972 according to the fed sticker
Vin# 47329 01965
Is there a register for these cars in date of vin# order? I'm just wondering if there are many earlier cars known of?
Look here

Cheers Angus!

Mine 73 2.0 is VIN....1854, VIN sticker dated 8/72, & Chassis # translates to 8/31/72 build date.

But another member had an earlier VIN with Sept. VIN & chassis # dates - so the VINs & sticker & chassis numbers don't always track anywhere close.

The other numbers to look at are the engine case # (GA or GB for 2.0s), & transaxle no. - both of which ranges are listed in the 914 Info section at the button at the top right of the 914world webpages.

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Your chassis number should be stamped on the rear trunk floor near the back wall, & on the Karmann Plate at the driver's side front doorjamb (it also has the paint color code in the bottom info box) - & both Chassis Nos. should match - as should all 4 VIN number locations (top of RF wheelhouse & plate @ RF headlight box inside the front trunk, tag at the L windshield frame, & sticker in LR doorjamb) - to verify that the original car is intact.

Use a 1972 calendar & start you week count with Jan 1 as week #1 (even if only 1 day in that week), then use the graphic below to figure out your chassis no build date.

Click to view attachment

Note that the 5 in 95 can change to 96, 97, etc. - in order to indicate 100s & 200s etc. + last 2 digits for the car # built that day.

Either way - it sounds like your project 914 is an early MY `72 2.0 or 1.7, & if originally sold in the USA, then it would've almost certainly have been equipped as the "914S" (or "914SC" in the UK market) with both the Appearance Group & Performance Group of options included in the base price (see "914S" & "914SC" info at link below).

In addition to the VIN link above, there are a couple of topics on here about the first 1000 73 914s which were built with some 72 parts mixed in (as were at any changeover MY), as well as Porsche/VW's experimenting with putting the black pebble-texture vinyl from the rollbar & sails - also on the windscreen frame top & sides (or extending to perhaps first 2000+/- or so, since my 1854 had the windscreen frame vinyl).

So google for that topic, since I've lost my link to the 2 topics on the early 73 windscreen frame vinyl, & then look into the nooks & crannies of yours to see if you can find any remnants on yours, since it's a unique oddity.

A couple of other 914 history websites which will be treasure troves for you are (&.net & .org), and the infamous Jeff Bowlsby's websites below: < also has wiring diagrams etc.

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Cheers Mate! beerchug.gif
here is the page for lists:

The 2.0 was delayed a little, but first cars seem to be about 4732901100
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