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> Tool for adjusting the trigger-points of Bosch D-Jetronic, - suitable for all car brands with D-Jetronic and Bosch distributor
post Dec 12 2015, 12:50 PM
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I once misadjusted a trigger-points-set believing in this would solve the problems of my car... the unit was still functional afterwards, but I didn't believe in it's reliability anymore.
I found this device many years later in my cellar, decided to readjust it and therefore did some re-engineering.
The result was a tool you can control and readjust your trigger-points-set with.

The trigger-points themselves don't show any wear. But the fibre rubbing blocks are being grinded down when gliding on the distributor-camshaft, especially when this has become rusty or the original small amount of grease has been gone away.

You can adjust even heavy worn trigger-points without any electrical function to the original values by using the tool, that simulates the bottom of the distributor-camshaft.
The lifetime of the trigger-point-unit can be prolonged about two additive times this way.

This new version is designed to work with the new trigger-points-sets with the plastic hoods covering the points, too.
The tool has been well approved in four continents now - no reason to change anything on it in the future.

You need a lathe to produce the tool by yourself.
Registered users will get a figure - free for non-commercial use only -
completed with the dimensions, on request.
I don't want this figure to be published in a forum anymore.

D-Jetronic is my hobby and I have no financial interest, but not everyone has a lathe to produce it by himself, therefore I have some ready-produced tools in stock most of the time.
I can ship the tool worldwide for $ 20.-, shipment included.

For further information / questions / additions post to this forum or contact me via PM.

How to use the tool for adjusting the Trigger-points of the D-Jetronic

The model-specific flute (notch) of the tool has to be pushed into the noses of the base-plate of the points-set or the base-plate itself.
This flute centers the tool to the same position as it were in the distributor. This allows exact and symmetric adjustment.

Because there exist base-plates in three different thicknesses, the matching flute has to be chosen (figure below!):

1 - On the top a flute for Volkswagen, Porsche...?
2 - On the bottom a flute for base-plates-sets with 3 'noses' (Opel, Volvo, Lancia, Fiat, Citroën, Mercedes - R6, BMW, ...?)
3 - On the second position from bottom a flute for Mercedes – V8

The figure below shows the tool in position (points set type '2').
Attached Image

1. Adjust space between tool and fibre rubbing blocks to 0.02 in (0,50 mm) in this position by bending the sheets of the anvil-plate with flat-nose pliers, checking with a feeler-gauge.

2. By inserting a feeler-gauge of 0.04 in (1,00 mm) instead you can check the points in fully-opened situation. The points gap will be 0.03 in (0,75 mm) if correctly adjusted.

Adjusting the points has to be approved with sense, power and skillfulness. I used flat-nose-pliers and after some trying out got exact adjustments.

You have to take care of the following:

1. The tool has to be pushed into the the trigger-unit all the way up to the stop. Some turning the tool and trying again may help, perhaps a little grease will help. The tool has to fit exactly, therefore the tolerance is minimized.

2. The anvil-plate of the points is mounted insulated, therefore may have some tolerance towards the base-plate. After adjusting one side of the trigger-points-pair, you have to control the opposite side. Maybe you have to re-adjust this a couple of times.

But: The D-Jetronic is not a direct injection system. You need not try to adjust the points too precisely. Adjustment to 0.02 in is the optimal value cause then all possible tolerances are adjusted to the average. Even new original trigger points have some tolerance, as I found out.

Take care the points are absolutely clean, no grease or oil remains between them.
Control the distributor-camshaft isn't rusty or worn-out, scratched
You essentially have to grease the fibre rubbing blocks by applying a very small amount of points cam grease when re-installing the trigger-point-unit also.

You use this tool at your own risk. It has not been approved by the OEM. Using the tool, you accept this term.

(Tool Ver 3.1Xen © 10/2014)

Norbert Fischer
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post Feb 13 2020, 03:51 PM
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Me too ...
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