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My first 914 !
Introduction of guy and car....

Frank, from Holland, the Netherlands, Europe. Frankvw on the forum.

I am no stranger to the car hobby, but totally new to the Porsche world. So, not only did I recently buy my first 914, it was actually my first Porsche.
For many years I am into VW's some came and went, but also some stayed: a 1960 VW Beetle Ragtop and a 1978 VW T2b Westfalia Berlin.
After deciding I wanted a 914, I did a lot of reading and looking what was 'out there'
I did check a lot on the internet, including (of course) the 914world forums, especially from January 2016 onwards when I sort of decided I was going for it !
In april 2016 I did sign up to 914world as a member to make it more registered and tried to keep up through the different topics.
I already tried to contribute in different topics, since I also will be taking a lot from the 914world community.

How did I buy my first 914 ?
I kept an eye on the classified section of 914world, but nothing came along or was sold too soon. I wanted to buy from a clubmember so I had a better idea what I was buying.
Being from the Netherlands, Europe, it would be a buy based on trust. I figured that was easier to find on the 914world with your backup.
I did also check Craigs List to see what was out there, prices, details etc but my idea was that it would be hard to find a trust-deal on there.
I also kept an eye on Ebay, but I learned soon the cars were sold for higher prices then I had in mind. I saw the comment on the 914world somewhere : 'Evilbay is a great place to overpay'
I wanted a driver, not a project car and one day a 914 showed up on Ebay, a 1973 1.7 914, second owner with all history with it.
I contacted the seller and I had the idea I could find that trust-buy with him, we had good communication (mail, phone, SMS) and he was willing to help out in the shipping process.
I did enter the bidding war (well...20 bids in total) and I won !

The car and the color...
as mentioned, a 1973 914 1.7 with its original FI, on Riviera's. In fact, all is original except for one respray in 2002, in the original color.
The second owner bought it 18 years ago from the original owner who had it the first 25 years. Almost all history and maintenance known !
The most interesting part is the color. It was already discussed on the forum, since the seller called it sepia brown and it wasn't.
Before the auction ended I contacted Porsche Germany to help me check the color and they helped out (as much as possible).
We found the data they normally print on the COA, and there was stated it had several options. for example interior 31 (beige leatherette), was sold through a dealer in LA to first owner, option 570 (extra seat cushion) etc.
But also was stated on the files that this 914 was delivered in Color option 99 - Special Wish, which translated in code 98 on the Karmann doorpillar ID.
It was definately a custom wish, since the car was bought in the original color by last owner and he had it resprayed in 2002 since some of the clearcoat faded/came off.... and 914's had no clearcoat from the factory I learned.
Porsche could not find out what color it ended up in, so no more info on the color besides seller claiming it was resprayed in the same color it was before.
It is for sure a metallic brownish color, and the targaroof was also painted that color by the way...
I will have to wait what the real original color was if I remove some parts/carpets.....In case you have ideas or opinions about this color...let me know !

Yes. Car has to be transported to the Netherlands from USA. First, car will be transported from Connecticut to NJ (see pic attached)
and from NJ it will be loaded in the harbour of NY to be send on it's way to Europe.
I waited to post this intro since I thought when the car started his journey away from the sellers house, my adventure and ownership will start (although I already went through the financial process and paperwork)
Car was just picked up in Connecticut ! (see pic attached) voila, my intro !

What is next?
After the car arrives in the Netherlands, I have to pay tax, more tax and some other tax, since it is from outside Europe. Then I have to bring it for a Identity check and a Technical check
All needs to work and should be in good (enough) order, important stuff like structure and brakes, but also the small stuff like wiperrubbers and working horn. You get the idea.
This means I have to go through the car before I go there, and that is when I see what I still really need to do on the car to be able to drive it in NL.
I already know about some small issues with the car, from the info of the seller, but you always have to wait what really pops up, right ?
I also need some items not needed for this tests, like better beige vinyl seatcushion covers and one targaroof clip holder, but I will keep my eyes on the classifieds here !
After the tests, a Dutch registration, licenseplates, insurance and go with that banana (like we say in Holland) :-)

Ok...enough for now (problably already too much to share for an intro, but I got carried away typing, sorry)
Frank (Frankvw)

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"...go with that banana..." LOL ;-)

Nice buy and some effort you took. Hope the car will be as good as you hope once it arrives, but it's great you have a lot of info about the history of the car.

Nice one! Keep us updated and good luck while waiting... sad.gif sad.gif smile.gif
QUOTE(SirAndy @ Jun 22 2016, 09:09 AM) *


how did I miss that car! Great looking teener! Good luck!

Congratulations and I hope your car is worth the wait
welcome.png Congratulations on your purchase. The car looks very nice in those pictures. I hope it is all it was represented to be. I liked your introduction and hope your car sails through your registration process so you can drive it soon.
Another euro here. That's the best intro i've seen on any forum.

Your car looks very nice, i'm a fan of the riviera wheels and have a set waiting to go on my car.

Hope the car works out well for you.

mueba.gif mueba.gif mueba.gif
rick 918-S
Nice! welcome.png Love the color! drooley.gif

Nice color - chances are that was another Porsche color - it being a 99 code (versus a "match to sample") - so google for some 911 websites with colors on them to see what might match.

PS - the 31 interior code should be for a Beige (tan) interior with basketweave seat inserts. If that's not what's on the car, then get with the German Porsche COA folks to correct it, because PCNA screws up the COAs all the time.

Mine was the #31, but it took me researching for them & sending them the info I found on the color codes & 2x tries + a call to the customer care general manager over the COA staff to get PCNA to correct their error! mad.gif

It looks darker than the `75 914 Copper Metallic that I'd repainted mine to in summer 76 (2nd owner since 12/75). Mine also has the Riviera wheels, but in the far rarer brushed finish.

If the website is back up yet, then you can find sample of that Copper color on a 914 there.

PSS - in case it's still down, here's one I saved from online of the Copper:

Click to view attachment Click to view attachment

And this is pix of the 73 colors brochure FYI:

Click to view attachment Click to view attachment Click to view attachment Click to view attachment Click to view attachment

>>>> Jeff Bowlsby - you may want to add these to your set on your site, since you don't have 1973 MY on there.


Good luck with the VAT & Tariff mania! dry.gif

Enjoy! driving.gif beerchug.gif
It appears to be a very nice vehicle. That 1.7 is bullet proof and a good fit for your wallet given Denmark's gas prices. Looking forward to it's delivery. Enjoy the madness. beerchug.gif
welcome.png ... from the south biggrin.gif

looks like "COPPER BROWN METALLIC" (Code 432) to me idea.gif
that was a 911 color from 1974 & 75
Congrats. Wish you lots of fun and adventure.
looks like a very nice car welcome.png
Great looking car and great enthusiasm!!

Great-looking car... congrats!!!!
@all: Thanks for the kind words and comments.

"the 31 interior code should be for a Beige (tan) interior with basketweave seat inserts."
Yes, the car has beige vinyl ('leatherette') seats, with basketweave seatinserts, but the bolders and the backpad is smooth beige vinyl. Doorpanels have beige basketweave pattern as well, but black armrest with beige pockets. Black windowrollers.
Thanks for the comments on the color and the examples.

Click to view attachment

"looks like "COPPER BROWN METALLIC" (Code 432) to me ,that was a 911 color from 1974 & 75"
It is really hard to tell without the car in my hands, but if that is the is a 1973 car.
That would mean the first owner was ahead of his time and Porsche liked it so much they adopted it in 1974 OR (more likely) the car was not 432 in 1973 but resprayed to 432 in 2002.
According to the last (second) owner, car was resprayed in teh same color as it was. I will have to wait till it arrives...

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Welcome from another european, soon we'll introduce you to the dangers of 914rubber and pmb performance. Hazardous to your credit card mostly tho... smile.gif
Thanks Mats
I have been checking out your stories and website last months as well ! wow !

QUOTE(falcor75 @ Jun 23 2016, 05:28 AM) *

Welcome from another european, soon we'll introduce you to the dangers of 914rubber and pmb performance. Hazardous to your credit card mostly tho... smile.gif

I already bought my first 914 parts as well !
The passenger side seat cushion has tears/cracks, I did post a WTB add on the forum as well.
I got in contact with jmink on this site and he send some seat cushions in better condition to the warehouse where they ship the 914 from to Holland.
In time, since I understand they did put them in the car as spare parts for me.
I did not see the cushions in person yet, but they will arrive together with the car, so already one (easy) to-do thing on the list of things to tackle when I get it.
Thanks Jim for your quick actions !

some parts that I know are missing on the car:
- 1 targaroof holder clip, the white one on the engine side
- 1 jack entry cover
I will check with if they come in stock again , but maybe better wait till I know if I need some more things to save on the shipping.....
In case you want to send me those parts, feel free and I will return the favour with a great postcard from Amsterdam sunglasses.gif

It does not look like the door jam was repainted, looking at the Karmann plate and your compliance sticker:

Click to view attachment

If that's true, I think the color would have to be Copper Brown Metallic, Porsche color 432 from 1974 (I don't know what the VW equivalent would be). Since your car is a very late '73 build, it wouldn't surprise me if a '74 color somehow made its way onto your car.
Welcome, nice looking car!
QUOTE(dlkawashima @ Jun 23 2016, 09:24 AM) *
It does not look like the door jam was repainted, looking at the Karmann plate and your compliance sticker. If that's true, I think the color would have to be Copper Brown Metallic, Porsche color 432 from 1974 (I don't know what the VW equivalent would be). Since your car is a very late '73 build, it wouldn't surprise me if a '74 color somehow made its way onto your car.

Interesting ! 432...
thanks a lot for your thoughts and input on my first 914 !
beer.gif that beer color!
Today I received mail that made me happy !
A package from FedEx from the previous owner to me, the new owner.
It contains the maintenance history of the car from the first invoice in 1973 till last bill (inch thick pile of papers), the original first CA plate, plus all the documentation from the car.
Besides the stuff on the pics, there was a lot more !
How cool is that !!!! especially since I will have to wait for the car, it is cool to get something that is related to the car and is something I can touch. Pics are cool, but this is more real.

Click to view attachment

Have a great weekend !
WELCOME!..... my notes say L99K Copper Metallic

The colors available for this model year were:

Black L04I
Berber Yellow L11D
Summer Yellow L13K
Nepal Orange L20C
Malaga Red L30C
Scarlet Red L31M
Laguna Blue L50C
Forest Green L64K
Light Ivory L80E
Palma Green Metallic L95K
Silver Metallic L96D
Anacona Blue Metallic L97B
Copper Metallic L99K

Thanks for your feedback 7TPorsch !
The car was build june 1973, sold juli 1973, so I am not sure about L99K. I do agree it looks like it a bit, but the year is a mismatch to be that color.....but who knows....
Expected shipping out of NY at July 7th. Then about another 20 days to the Netherlands..... waiting always takes longer than you want....
in the meantime reading up into the 914 books, docs and forumposts....
Good luck! It will be interesting to see what little things the car needs to "sort it out" and make it yours.

Oh yes ! I will keep you updated . I am going through the pile of bills / maintenance history that i already received earlier than teh car (see previous posts in this item) and check what/when is already done. It had some interesting repairs in its past, including the relocation of the fuelpump. It does not mention to where :-)
Also the AC was charged at least 10 times during its life but is not currently working according to the last owner. Really nice to go through the maintenancehistory !
Seems like it takes forever, but the 914 is nearly in sight. It is floating on the sea under England, but getting close to Belgium, it will visit the harbour of Antwerp first (Belgium) and then it will set sail for the Netherlands, and will arrive in the evening of 21st of July. From there harbour actions and customs etc. after that the car is released to me.
So...I guess next week I will get a first hands-on on the car.

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So, did your 914 arrive safely?
Thanks for asking ! arrived in Holland.... that is the good news.
it came out of the container yesterday.
Now for the bad news....
There are some issues with the car because of the way it was handled during transport, but I di not want to get ahead now....because I only saw the pics and transportcompany will work on a solution ( after a little persuasion from my side)
Car will be brought to my house tomorrow and after I did see with my own eyes what the status is....then I will give an update.
My transportcompany has a very good reputation and i have faith they will sort it out for me. I will post progress and updates here after car is here ....
Oh, that's a bummer :-( Hope it all will go smooth so you can start enjoying your 914...and start sharing pics! smile.gif
Wondered how the car was? Which shipping company did you use out of interest?

All the very best with it and look forward to updates.
congrats on the 914 score / looks like a nice ride.

Any news on your car?, hoping whatever the issue is its minor
Hi guys (and girls). thanks for the interest.
The car arrived on the friday before I left for vacation on saturday morning.
The issue with the car was that during transport it developed some mold in the container which affected my car as well.

The receiving transport company on the Dutch side called me to state that there was some mold on/in the car, and I had to wait to see for myself how bad it was.
The shipping companies stated that this happens more often, and is even mentioned in the contract in the small-print. I did talk to the USA transport company to express my concerns and worries since I did give them superdry car without mold and they offered to work on a 'Mutual solution' with me after we solved the issues.

I already spoke to a steamclean company that is specialized in mold-removal in cars in the next days, before the car was delivered to my house, so they were standby if needed.
The car was delivered Friday, saw the car and I did call the steamclean guys and they cleaned the 914 for me, only little later after I received the car. Normally they do newer cars, but they liked it to have a vintage car in their portfolio, so they took some pictures for their own webpages as well.
Click to view attachment
After the cleaning of the inside, the outside still has to be cleaned, it was steamed as well but it needs to be polished/waxed...however you guys call that... but that needs another company to do that, and could be done later.
So...I put the 914 in the garage and went on holiday the next morning.

Last weekend I came home and yesterday (Sunday) I could check the 914 better for the first time...... Update coming soon, promised !! !
welcome.png welcome.png welcome.png

Enjoy your CA / USA ride! aktion035.gif
Great story ! Thanks for sharing with us smile.gif Thanks for adding to VIN database too.
Keep this thread alive with future mods or changes

As mentioned, another company came to do the last polishing on the 914. All small spots and stains were removed by polishing the car.
Click to view attachment
It took more time than expected, but it looks nice again, just like how it was when it was bought (before the shipping started).
Click to view attachment
Yes, that is a beetle in the back, it's job was to hold the 914 targaroof during the cleaning :-)

From now on I can start on the work on the 914, and I will create a list of things to do after the first tech checks.
To be continued !
Looking good Frank. smile.gif
Ok, so after the oil- and oilfilter change I decided to check what was not working first, since I need to get it ready for the Ducth Registration Test, where all should be in good order.

First the lights :
I found the rear light was not working, the instrument illumination does not work and license platelights do not work.

The rear light was a pita to solve. It was just the bulb that was not making good contact, but it was really hard to open the unit that was glued together by some previous fix where the glue also touched the lens at some points....but got that sorted.

The licenseplate lights had a short in the wiring, and could not find the issue and blew many fuses in the process. To get it working I did rewire the lights and attached the positive to the rearlights, instead of on its own fuse. Works now.
They should come on at the same time as the lights, so they are switched properly.

The instrumentlights are a mystery. well...not really...they get no 12V. The blue/black wire is somewhere loosing its power under the dash, really hard to find where. So after a lot of swearing, I decided to come up with the following
I bought some blue/black wire to keep the wirecoding the same and bought some fittings from a VW beetle and created a new instrument-illumination-harness. negative ground comes from the meters themselves, 12V I will maybe get from the fuse5 wires (lights) since they should come on with the lights at the same time. Or maybe I will check if the blue/black wire under the tunnelcarpet for the (not installed) consolemeters has juice and take it from there.

Click to view attachment
On my 74, a body shop had mis-wired the license plate lights. One of the two electrical tabs actually has continuity to the mounting screws; that one is supposed to get the brown ground wire. If you hook it up the wrong way around, the fuse will pop every time you turn on the headlights.

Not only will that take out your license plate lights, but also the rear compartment light and the center console instrument illumination lights. I don't remember if it also took out the regular instrument lights.

My car is a 74; the center console light wiring is a bit different on the 73s so I think those will lose the main instrument lighting if the license plate lights are mis-wired.

You've mentioned the targa cup a couple of times. They have been reproduced by 914Rubber.Com and are great. If you must have original, I'll send you my old dirty ones.

@Dave_Darling : thanks for this feedabck, I will check once more the wiring diagram, I was not aware it worked like this, at least I did not notice a relationship between those components (but I do not use these diagrams every day...)

@ConeDodger : thanks for the offer. I already bought them at the Porsche dealer directly, I mean the plastic parts that hold the roof in the trunk. They are super white, and maybe your old dirty ones were a better solution :-) Now I will have to replace them both since they are far apart in color !
Ian Stott
Nice looking car! You will get to drive yours much more than I can drive mine as it is safely tucked away in a heated garage in the winter. Snow doesn't bother me or a 914 but a lot of salt is used on the roads in Atlantic Canada during the winter months and it would eat my teener in no time! Mine is a California car originally and is great shape, only sees rain if I get caught in it. Just finished the Acadia Region tour on Sunday, did around 650 KM, car worked great, lots of fun, 28 Porsches on that tour, 2 were 356's, and mine was the only 914. Get used to people coming up to you and asking questions about your 914, when you are getting fuel, going shopping etc. that is part of the fun.

Good luck with your teener and happy motoring!

Ian Stott
@Ian: thanks. I also have a T2b and a beetle...So I guess I have an idea what to expect... smile.gif

I also did set Dwell.
Since I was reading about 914 stuff (Haynes, online, 914world etc) to get more familiair with the car (first 914) I came across this step, so I decided to do it as well.

Dwell setting in progress ....
(I know boring pic to you guys, but I learn some stuff here !)
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