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I hope that you will see them on a car near you soon'
It's "Custom Wheel".... slap.gif


"Chris Williams" beerchug.gif
QUOTE(sixnotfour @ Jan 7 2014, 04:25 PM) *


drooley.gif HOLY CRAP Jeff!! Those are insane!! beerchug.gif
Who has two thumbs and is going tire shopping?

Chris H.
That would be you.
Sooo what do you do in your spare time? huh.gif
Work. And go to Disneyland.
test fitted a few tires today.
Gotta love used stuff so you can see if it is going to work.
Time to:
Set the ride height! evilgrin.gif
What rear-view mirrors are those? They look a lot easier to add than my Pontiac Solstace mirrors are going to be.
I will have to dig up the link. It is earlier in the thread somewhere.
They were pretty easy to fit, but a slight mistake on the passengers side is going to be difficult to fix.
Also, they do come with LED turn indicators.
Pretty cool.

VF 4
Thanks Jeff!
I need to look and see if those would be easier to work with than the ones I have from the Pontiac. I'll need to make sure both sides are modified EXACTLY the same. The VF4s may be a lot easier in the long run.

Great tip. Thanks!
Chris H.
Hey there's an LED turn signal version...sweet. Really increases visibility. I'm afraid to take my side markers off until I get something like that since I live in a congested area.
Adding LEDs is SUPER easy. I have a kit I'll send you if you want. I bought an extra. All you need to do is hit the mirror with a heat gun, remove the glass, tape these things into place, and then replace the glass. The LEDs shine through really easily.

PM me your address Chris.
Chris H.
Cool! Thanks man.

Doug, you are very generous. I already owe you beer3.gif

I actually decided some time ago to put a small 911 style light on the front fender (like my 2nd 914). Thank you for the offer!
Ok, So, work, life and everything got in the way and it is finally time to get going.
Engine harness, relay's and computer are ready to pick up.
Also ready is my re enforced and shortened (by 2 inches and steel plate added) oil pan. Then S&S will come down and make final measurements and make braided oil and water lines for my turbo and provide me block off for unused holes in head.

To do:
add oil to motor and trans.
get AN fittings put on the fuel rails
Get half shafts completed
New exhaust built (the current one hangs down to far) to the turbo.
Front brake pads and retainers

Start car for the first time...ever.

Coming soon:
new rear adjustable shocks
Peddle cluster
bleed out brake and clutch
finish up throttle cable.
Finalize turbo back exhaust
Gauges and pod.
Cooling system

This should put me at a point where I can at least drive the thing.

blegh. It is all money now.

hmmm, a few parts showed up today!
Oil pan shortened 1.75 inches
Stinger wireing harness, computer and base program for 2.5L turbo with G20 turbo (tuning time to come later)
I guess I know what I will be doing next week!
Way to go man. Let's get yours started so I'm inspired to do the same with mine!
Old vs new oil pan depth.
The pictures are dark, but, the new pan now sits level with the floor.
Time to get rid of my old (brand new) exhaust and get a custom header.
If you are running the newer version of Ian's cradle that uses the stock engine mounts, the engine sits a bit higher, the exhaust should work great. PM me if you are interested.
IPB Image

Looks like a /5 sitting back there...
LOL! my wife's /6 with euro tank. 1975! Maybe she will ride it again...
Can you post a few more pics of the BOV area?

I've decided to mimic your setup for the intercooler. Seems like the best option for me. I'll still mount the radiator for it under the car though. See if I can retain SOME of the trunk space. smile.gif
Alright and I need to get off dead-center and finish our cars.

I propose we switch. You move to Cleveland for a month to work on mine, and I'll move to SoCal for a month and finish yours. Deal?
LOL! Right?
Got my new clutch install with my wife this last Monday and am now waiting on my half shafts to get finished.
Tell you what, my car is headed up the hill as soon as shop space opens to get the radiator work done. Ther will be space in the garage for yours. Bring it and we will get both on the road.
The weather is much better here!
The weather is much better here!

QUOTE(sixnotfour @ Jan 22 2015, 01:48 PM) *

The weather is much better here!


And a easy to get to!
Hiya Jeff!
my car is headed up the hill as soon as shop space opens to get the radiator work done
& the fun begins!

...Love that color. smile.gif
Thank you Rich! We almost painted UGMO this color!
Love the build. Trying to decide what to do with my build still. Is there an album on here somewhere of your car that i can look at just to make sure how the panels were installed on the car as im a fiberglass to steel bonding virgin. Metal to metal has always been my medium. Thanks for any help you can provide.
Sorry I missed this. There is a 3m bonding agent that I used. Any quality auto paint shop should have it. Also a lot of klecko pins to hold everything in place.
Make sure your doors are on and adjusted so you get the gaps correct.
Sounds good. Just wasnt sure if it was anything special. I have a few places i deal with for bodywork so i will talk with them in the next few weeks.
had some time this last weekend in the heat to get some work done.
CV's built and installed
Radiator install completed. working on hose's tonight
went down to the Coronado Festival of speed and watched some great racing.
Saw this little beauty sitting by the 914's
That was a long, rough winter for work. Finally getting back on this project.
Oil in transmission, exhaust and up pipe back in. Rework of the wiring (a couple items to sort out) but fan and pump for water to air inter cooler are now good to go.
dash work redo.
GT headlight kit now works like a charm from the cockpit.
Turbo is off to install gasket.
Remapping the engine harness as I didn't like the way it routed before.
Next up:
Brake, clutch and throttle
Gas tank (placement) again
Finish up plumbing radiator
Light the fire and get it on the Dyno.

Maybe next year I will be able to drive her.
Here is to selling my condo in Everett and being done with that extra burden.
Right On Chris...I have been patiently waiting for some progress...You never want to return to Everott.... beerchug.gif
hehe. Lynnwood and Lake Stevens or Edmons for a visit? Yes. To live in Everett? Not so much.
Go Go GO!!
Next little project done. May do some changes but happy being able to see the back of my car!
That is just the running light.
Haven't decided if I am going to keep the dual brake lights. It actually hurts my eyes.
Gotta love super bright LED tech.
About Time you gave Us an update... first.gif
Hehe. Right?
I am trying to get back in the habit of an hour a day working on this.
The To Do list is getting shorter, but still too long.
Trying to upload video
you tube
Where did you find those? They don't look like the ones from Spoke...
Some really cool products out of super bright.
I wanted something a littl ore the beaten path
Up on the truck and off to get exhaust
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