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UPDATE 04/2017:

The Limo Project has found a new home!


Today work has begun on the 914World exclusive "914 Limousine" project!

After years of tossing the idea around, McMark, RobW and i decided a few weeks back that it was time that someone actually build such a monstrosity.

RobW had a bare shell with front end damage so all we needed was another donor to make the front of the Limo.

I bought a '75 roller from Chris Hamilton and Rob and i went to pick it up this morning.

Once at McMark's shop in Sonoma, we started stripping the car, built a second dolly to be able to roll the shell around and started to cut off the rear of the white car and the front of the red car.

Both cuts are rough cuts at this point. Next weekend, we'll start with the more detailed cutting and test fitting.

The final result will be a 4-door, 4 (maybe 5) seater with at least one removable top (maybe two) and all the usual bling one would find in a Limousine.

The paint has yet to be determined but we are leaning towards a certain Porsche period correct 98 color. shades.gif

sawzall-smiley.gif smash.gif welder.gif beer3.gif Andy


- Fixed the huge hole in the front trunk floor ...

Parts Donations:

- Read here if you'd like to contribute to the 914World Limo project:

Picking up the second car: cheer.gif

Click to view attachment

The two cars, before the cutting:

Click to view attachment
Me playing with the plasma cutter: wub.gif

Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment
More cutting. The longs on the later cars have a double walled inner reinforcement that took quite a bit of work to cut through.

Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment
Between this and Anklebiter there are some killer projects going on right now! I can't wait to see this baby roll into an event. beerchug.gif
Tada! smilie_pokal.gif

Click to view attachment

Closeup of the inner workings of the hell hole. They all have rust there, even if the top of the long looks decent.

Click to view attachment
Second car, front end ready to be cut: sawzall-smiley.gif

Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment

We're saving the windshield hoop for later:

Click to view attachment
Nice cut line ...

Click to view attachment

Almost there:

Click to view attachment
Cool is it going to have a hot tub wet bar and a barbecue in it......
Voila! smilie_pokal.gif cheer.gif

This gives you a rough idea of the dimensions although we'll be cutting off another 1 1/2 feet or so.

Basically, the front door jamb of the red car will be right at the firewall of the white car.

Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment
The list for next weekend includes:

- fine tuning on the cuts
- removing the front bulkhead section on the red car
- removing the rear firewall on the white car
- getting the longs lined up.

piratenanner.gif smash.gif Andy
QUOTE(iamchappy @ Jan 9 2010, 06:53 PM) *

Cool is it going to have a hot tub wet bar and a barbecue in it......

Not enough space for a hot-tub but a mini-bar is on the list of must-haves!

drunk.gif Andy
aktion035.gif where do drivers apply? cant wait to see more on this thread beerchug.gif
this will be great.
Whatcha gonna do between the targa bar of the front car and the door of the rear car? Enclosed or open air?

As for gotta have big metal flakes. willis.gif
Immediate reactions:

1. kwales called it!!

QUOTE(kwales @ Dec 7 2009, 04:56 PM) *

Uh Oh........

He's finally gonna do the limo.......

2. That is gonna be one bitch of a sloppy shift linkage!!!
This is like the "COOLEST THING EVER!!" beerchug.gif

Cant wait to see what happens next....I knew Andy had a plot...LOL aktion035.gif

QUOTE(flipb @ Jan 9 2010, 07:14 PM) *

That is gonna be one bitch of a sloppy shift linkage!!!

Or no linkage at all. shades.gif

Think cable shifter ...
w00t.gif Andy
I like it!

4 or 6?
So the 914 "limo" is going to be a four seater? haha Cool project though!
Vacca Rabite
This would be the correct build for a V8 and an automatic transaxle. Are you going to need to put a frame on it, or keep it unibody?

QUOTE(Vacca Rabite @ Jan 9 2010, 08:23 PM) *

This would be the correct build for a V8 and an automatic transaxle. Are you going to need to put a frame on it, or keep it unibody?


Hmmm, the auto-transaxle has been discussed already but i honestly don't think it'll be a V8.

Right now, the plan is to start with a /4 and later maybe go to a flat /8 ...
shades.gif Andy
A good friend of mine is doing something similar with three Deloreans (imagine, three gullwing doors on each side). I have seen the car, and it truly is a neat project! There are obviously many crazys in all brands of auto-enthusiasts.

I think the biggest problem on the 914 project is going to be getting enough stiffness in the long chassis. The Delorean has a spine running along its roof that provides structure, and I wonder if the 914 won'd need some sort of support (or some major reinforcement along the rocker panels) to work. I wonder if giving up the removeable top (for the rear passenger compartment), and welding in a roof panel would help the rigidity of the project.

So nice to finally get this... uh... dream confused24.gif underway.

There's a lot of tricky metal work that's going to need to be done. But once the two cars are together it's going to be pretty much like building any other 914.

Design Considerations:
1. Fully operational and street legal. We want to be able to drive this thing to events as well as even rent it out on the weekends.
2. Four working doors with working roll up windows.
3. Comfortable seating for rear seat passengers.
4. Clean and comfortable interior. I do not want to build a car that doesn't seal right and looks like crap inside.

We have some crazy ideas and a lot of issues to deal with, but I'm extremely confident that we'll be able to build something that's really nice and really exciting.
Scott S
....Saratoga top cut into a "T" top using a steel center beam for the back passenger compartment? sawzall-smiley.gif welder.gif smash.gif

If you keep the rear compartment a two seater, you could fab up a center console that went from fire wall to fire wall that incoprated several of those cup holders that actually get cool or hot (they make them big enough for a champaign bottle) and you could mount a flat screen below the window opening.

I wonder if there is a way to make the window inbetween the two compartments electric.... you could replace the glass with an upohstered privacy partician!! grouphug.gif wine.gif humpy.gif

bitchen bitchen project!!!! beerchug.gif popcorn[1].gif
rick 918-S
I would wub.gif to weld on that thing! Audi turbo 4 cylinder with an auto trans.

Flares or un-flared that is the question?

I think structurally you may have to do a tin top over the rear section but you could use a roof from a BMW 525I Touring. My 95 Touring has a double sunroof. Yes Two sun roofs in the same top. They open really cool too.

Here's a link that discribes how it works.
Elliot Cannon
Auto-cross or daily driver?
Edward Blume
Nice progress Andy and McMark.... aktion035.gif

It is truly impressive, Andy buys a roller in the AM and a few guys turn it into that by the afternoon.....

blink.gif OMG!
Dr. Roger
food for thought. biggrin.gif

maybe keep it in the family of sunroofs as VW?

a samba bus style:

cloth sunroof and sky lights

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

Very cool idea, I'll be watching with interest. popcorn[1].gif
HAHAHA F***ing Love it!
Looks like my prediction was right.......

Hmmm..... mebbe I ought to use that crystal ball more......

O crystal ball, where's my next Job???

"Limo Driver"? that can't be right.....
I showed this thread to wife, and her reaction was that you would need 4 914's put together to make a limo... 2 914's only equal a normal sized car...!!!
QUOTE(dakotaewing @ Jan 10 2010, 11:33 AM) *

I showed this thread to wife, and her reaction was that you would need 4 914's put together to make a limo... 2 914's only equal a normal sized car...!!!

She's right, but "914 Sedan" just doesn't sound quite as exciting ...

shades.gif Andy
914 Towncar?
Make it a 6 wheeler with 2 engines smile.gif Cool project! Defenitely pimp it out.
But it will no longer be a true mid engine car sad.gif

scotty b
Nice try guys. Clearly a photoshop job. April 1st is a couple months away try again then. popcorn[1].gif
More inspiration!

IPB Image
Tomorrow is my forst day back to work I will see if I can do a couple of sketches.
Holy stromberg.gif you guys were serious. I thought you were just talking. Make sure you reinforce the loooonngs!! biggrin.gif
Damn! Andy, I was sure you were going to build a truck. biggrin.gif
rick 918-S
After looking at the two tubes lined up again I'm sure you can build that car as a targa top. I think you could actually stretch it a little more.
Like a train wreck.... You just can't look away!

I want to hire it out next time I'm over there. Don't rush, I have no reason to leave here other than to go ride in a 914 limo.
Very creative, I like the group effort concept. Are we going to see the Limo at WCR 2010 ? smile.gif
Speaking of WCR 2010 Where is it gonna be?
WCR Tahoe 2010

We're hoping to be there in all the four door glory.
So will the rear window of car #1 become a working privacy glass window??

aktion035.gif this is cool
My kids Love it! This is going to be soo cool. Maybe Hotwheels can finally do a 914, if it was something like this, to fit in with their fantasy hot rod line.
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